Solving Your Water Policy Puzzles

About DCM Policy Consulting

Formed in 2014, DCM Policy Consulting offers water resources advisory services, including strategic planning, program management, policy analysis, and stakeholder outreach and engagement.  The firm was established in large part to strengthen consultation and collaboration between state, local and federal water agencies, as well as provide insights on shaping policy decisions.

DCM's approach is to listen first, and listen actively.  The bigger picture view is how we see challenges.  Our specialty is, in fact, not having a specialty at all.  We thrive in a generalist role, connecting the dots between engineers, attorneys, scientists, executives and policymakers.  

Our Puzzles

At DCM, we love to solve policy puzzles.  We add value by not only putting the pieces together, but also by finding that missing piece that fell under the table or slipped between the sofa cushions.  We also are adept at bringing various players to the table to help solve the puzzle.  

Some of our more interesting efforts include:
Tribal Water Planning
Dam safety and rehabilitation
Reservoir management
Mitigation banking and ecological restoration
Water supply policy
Intergovernmental and stakeholder engagement